Dragons of the Mythos Collection Springveil 2018

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    War Dragons Springveil 2018 Season - Aibrean
    The tranquility of Spring always follows in its wake.

    For the Twilight Woodlands, Spring is a time of peace and growth. Battered by the Great Winter, the land needs a gentle touch to flourish once more. As the Avatar of Spring, Aibrean serves as both protector and caretaker during this tranquil time. As the land recovers from the effects of the cold, Aibrean patrols the Woodlands, leaving trails of budding flowers and happy, woodland critters in his wake.

    Discount Information: Aibrean’s entire Season Branch will be discounted by 50% for the first two weeks it is available (March 7th - 20th).

    Legendary Wind Hunter


    Chaos - Active | Blue | 2 Rage

    Dragon will do 200% damage. Spell has a 4 second duration.

    Spring’s Renewal - Active | Red | 1 Rage

    Applies a mark to target tower. When the marked tower is destroyed, dragon gains 20% health and 2 Rage. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

    Flash - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    100% dodge except for beam based attacks. These include ice turret, lightning tower, storm tower, and fire turret supershot. Dragon flies 50% slower. Spell has 4.25 second spell duration and a 3 second cooldown.

    Fire Flak Resist - Passive

    Reduces damage done by Fire Flak towers by 70%.

    Portrait: Ara, Twilight Huntress

    In the dead of night, under a full moon, Ara strikes down the inhuman horrors that lurk in the woods. She works alone, concerned that eventually she too will succumb to the madness of the forest.

    War Dragons Portrait - Ara, Twilight Huntress

    Avatar of Winter

    War Dragons Springveil Season - Nollaig

    His chilling presence guards those slumbering through the winter.

    Nollaig’s appearance in the Twilight Woodlands signals the arrival of Winter. Nollaig brings with him the cold and frost but, as harsh it may be to his kin, the Winter also protects the Woodlands. While the other Avatars rest, the land is vulnerable to foreign threats. Nollaig’s bone-chilling presence keeps even the most ambitious invaders at bay.

    Legendary Ice Warrior


    Winter’s Bite - Active | White | 2 Rage

    Dragon does 70% increased damage with Flamethrower attack for 4.5 seconds. Projectile speed increases from 95 to 300. Towers damaged by Flamethrower attack are frozen for 2 seconds. Spell has a 3 Second cooldown.

    Frost Shield - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    Spell creates 5 shards of ice in front of Dragon. While active, any projectile will be 100% absorbed by a shard, and damage from beam-based attacks is reduced by 50%. Spell has a duration of 4 seconds and a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

    Regenerate - Active | Blue | 0 Rage

    Heals 40% of dragons max HP over the duration of the spell effect. Spell has a 2 second duration and a 4 second cooldown.

    Ice Flak Resist - Passive

    Reduces damage from Ice Flak Turrets by 70%.

    Portrait: Deidre, Prey Stalker

    A druid that stalks the forest floor, hunting prey (or any unfortunate trespassers that cross her that cross her path) for her clan. Deidre is an expert tracker, and she never lets her quarry escape.

    War Dragons Portrait - Deirdre

    Ghostflame Wyrm

    War Dragons Springveil Season - Corthanak

    An ancient evil kept at bay by the Woodland Avatars.

    With each Season’s passing, the folk of the Woodlands gather to pay homage to the Avatars. A great Bonfire is burned, piled high with wood etched full of magical runes. Simply tradition for many, but the ritual has a far greater purpose. For the burning runes invoke a spell to keep at bay the Woodlands’ darkest secret: Corthanak. An evil spirit born of fire, Corthanak will not rest until he is free and the world has been turned to ash.

    Mythic Fire Sorcerer


    Ghostfire Blast - Active | White | 3 Rage

    Deals 15% of dragon’s max HP as damage to all towers in target area. Damaged towers are unable to attack for 3 seconds. This spell has no cooldown.

    Ghostfire Wreath - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    Absorbs all incoming damage and supershots for 3 seconds. Spell is not interrupted by ice flak’s supershot, and it has a 4 second cooldown.

    Sacrifice - Active | White | 0 Rage

    Deals 15% damage to your dragon in exchange for you gaining 2 Rage points. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.

    Dark Flak Resist - Passive

    Reduces damage from Dark Flak Towers by 70%.

    Springveil Dragon Rider - Oksana

    An Entirely Community-Created Dragon Rider

    In October 2017, Dragons artist Johannes concepted a new Dragon Rider live on stream, using community-voted features as his choices for direction. This past month, we’ve opened submissions for Dragon Lords to submit a name and backstory for this Rider, and the top 10 names were put to a final vote. As determined by over 2,700 votes, Oksana was chosen as the final name for this new Dragon Rider!

    Thanks to everyone who participated, Oksana will be available during the Springveil Season as a part of her own season branch. She will also have a special Dragon Lord Portrait that will be available within her branch, as well - stay tuned in a few weeks for more information on Oksana!

    War Dragons - Springveil Season

    The Springveil Season Branches

    The branch system in the Springveil Season will introduce a new and exciting way to earn season prizes, portraits, and Dragon evolution stones. In the last season of Wintertide, the Mythic Dragon of the season was obtained by first full unlocking three of the Legendary Dragons that came before it. In this new season, Dragon Lords will have more freedom to choose one of two main branches, each built on different major prizes for the season. For the first time, Dragon Lords will get to decide which of these prizes they’d like to obtain through a Season and its many offerings!

    War Dragons - Springveil Season Branches

    The graphic above outlines how the Springveil Season will be structured. It starts with Aibrean, Nollaig, and Corthanak in the first pyramid-shaped branch, which will be available at the start of the season. All three Dragons can evolve up to the Harbinger Tier, and Aibrean, our first Spring Season Hunter, will be discounted for the first two weeks that it is available.

    After that, Oksana will release in Week 3 of the season, and the first half of her branch will also be discounted for two weeks when she becomes available. Oksana is her own special branch and will have her own unique portrait.

    Finally, in Week 6, the second wave of Mythos Dragons will become available. This second wave consists of a Hunter and Sorcerer Dragon, and their branches will flow into the second and final Dragon Rider of the Season, which will be more powerful than previous riders. The second wave of Dragons will also be able to evolve up to the Harbinger Tier!

    Updates to Season Runes and Glyphs

    Coming alongside the Spring update is a few new changes to each Dragon’s individual branch in relation to Runes, Rune Dust, and Glyphs. In this season, the final Mythic Rune for each Dragon’s branch will now be a Mythic Glyph. This should help your Dragons quite a bit when flying off into battle!

    Additionally, we’re introducing a significant amount of Rune Dust back into the Season Branch prizes! In previous seasons, we heard that there was too much Rune Dust as prizes, and in the latest season, there was too little. This season, you’ll have just the right amount of Rune Dust introduced back in so there’s enough for you to use while not overtaking any other valuable prize slots.

    Here’s the Epic and Legendary Runes and Mythic Glyphs for each of the initial Mythos Dragons that you can expect as Season Branch prizes:


    Epic Rune of Renewal: Affects Spring's Renewal Healing Amount

    Legendary Rune of Renewal: Affects Spring's Renewal Healing Amount

    Mythic Glyph of Renewal: Affects Spring's Renewal Healing Amount and Cooldown


    Epic Rune of Icy Breath: Affects Winter's Bite Duration

    Legendary Rune of Icy Breath: Affects Winter's Bite Duration

    Mythic Glyph of Icy Breath: Affects Winter's Bite Duration and Dragon HP


    Epic Rune of Ghostfire: Affects Ghostfire Blast Damage

    Legendary Rune of Ghostfire: Affects Ghostfire Blast Damage

    Mythic Glyph of Ghostfire: Affects Ghostfire Blast Damage and increases Dark Flak Resist