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We believe in treating all members fairly and giving you the freedom to speak your mind. However we want everyone to get along and we need to ensure that everyone is treated equally. We have come up with a list of rules for the site which are listed below. It is important that you read and understand these rules, failure to abide by these rules may lead to the termination of your account and/or a ban from further access to the site.

Please read the rules thoroughly and be aware that breaking the rules may result in a warning, suspension or ban being applied to your account. We run a three strikes policy. Three warnings will result in the suspension of your account for a minimum of 5 days. Further failure to comply with site rules will result in either a 14 day suspension or a ban depending on the severity of the offences incurred. To read more on our policy regarding disciplinary actions please read our Privacy Policy.

General Rules
  • Do not purposely cause offence to any other member through post or PM or any other part of the site. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial abuse or discrimination against any member
  • Do not PM staff members for support unless it is to do with the following:
    • Questions regarding subscriptions or donations (PM Brick)
    • You are unable to post
    • You are receiving spam via PM from another member
    • You suspect another member of cheating in the arcade
    • Or if your message is of a sensitive or confidential nature
  • Do not sign up with multiple accounts or attempt to have multiple accounts from members of the same site in order to attempt to bypass download restrictions.
  • Please only post "socially acceptable" material, do not post offensive material (E.g. Pornography, Racism or Expletives)
  • Do not advertise your site in your posts, except in any area's specifically designated or if a member of staff asks you to post your site details. This includes asking others to visit your site in a post or a PM.
  • Do not spam via PM, via the Forums or via Email. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Do not post links to torrents regardless of whether the file is legal or not
  • Do not post links to illegal content including but not limited to warez, pornography or racism
  • Do not upload illegal content including but not limited to warez, pornography and racism
  • Do not promote other game downloading sites (unless you have prior approval given by Brick)
  • Do not post in any foreign language anywhere on the site (English posting only), you may use the PM system in any language you wish
  • Do not post URLs in topics, arcade comments, PM's or anywhere on the site unless you have have been requested to do so by a member of staff
    • You may post URLs to legal software downloads or purchases and other useful sites which may be of benefit for the community. The staff reserve the right to remove any such links if they deem appropriate.
    • You may post a URL to your own site in your Signature but this is subject to the rules of signatures explained below
Clan rules
  • Keep chat free of profanity. Our clan is mostly, but not all, adults.
  • Keep talk about drugs or alcohol out of clan chats. No room for that here. If you find it necessary to talk in a positive manor about it, it may suit you to find another clan. No hard feelings. We do NOT condone that type of behavior. Best of luck.
  • Be helpful and don't be afraid to ask for help. We are stronger together!
  • Elder is earned, never given, so please don't ask. Your contribution to the clan will be noticed.
  • Donate at least as many reinforcement troops as you receive. Donating is a great way to rack up XP and achievements!
  • Archers are standard for donations, unless something else is specified.
  • Consistency is valued - players who leave the clan to "help friends" in another clan is fine just understand upon return you will be expected to gain your previous rank. No, auto-promotions.
  • Be respectful to one another after all it is a game and meant to have the element of fun. Blatant disrespect will find a permanent ban from our clan.
  • USA Clash does NOT condone the use of any mods / bots for any games.
  • Promotions / ranking system require you to be registered at this website Register.
  • Promotions are earned, not given. No matter how good your profile looks. Everyone goes though an application process beyond Elder.
  • If you wish to convey your interest that is appreciated and will be taken into consideration.
  • Co-Leader positions are earned by a well rounded active status on both game and website.
  • Co-Leaders have the authority to promote and demote as they see fit. If any questions may arise ask Leaders in a Group Leader message.
  • Any Co-Leader positions must go through an application process. There may be someone that is grandfathered in.
  • Not everyone is willing or looking to be promoted. If you do not wish to be for one reason or the other, say so. It will not be held against you.
  • Promotions can be taken away just as easily as they are done. Remember its a game just have fun.
  • Applications are available once the minimum criteria has been met, otherwise form may show blank Applications.
Clan War-specific rules
  • USA typically wars twice per week, beginning Wednesdays and Sundays around 8:00pm EST. Notice of upcoming or ongoing wars will be posted to the clan website.
  • Both attacks must be used in war! If you cannot war, you must notify a Co-Leader or Leader prior to war start. Utilize the red opt out button on your profile accordingly. Example: If Heros are upgrading you may want to opt. out. If an attack is missed demotion up to termination will be followed. We understand life happens.
  • First attack during Clan War, attack your own number. i.e. If you are in map position 23, attack enemy position #23. This allows for strategic planning when you build your army, instead of first-come first-served. Second war attacks are used for strategic clean-up of remaining stars. Exception to this rule is for the clan's top 5 players only - for top players, please use your best judgment and consider conserving your attacks for clean up of lower stars later in war if possible (subject to change per war). Upon a change clan mail will be sent.
  • TH sniping during war is not acceptable. We go all-out for war here, so if that's not your style, this clan may not be the right fit for you.
  • Be mindful of those below you in war map lineup. Careful not to cancel anyone out. At 6 hr. mark attacks are free game call your shots.
  • Clan leaders handle war cc donations. Please do not donate to war cc's unless a co/leader has requested it or has been pre-approved.
  • It is understandable life happens upon finding yourself removed from the clan due to a miss war you may return no sooner than 24 hours.
Arcade Rules (Beta)
  • The use of any device, program or script to alter a submitted score is prohibited, and will result in an immediate suspension from the arcade
  • The use of any device or program, script, or any other means of slowing down your system with the intent to get an improved score is prohibited and will result in an immediate suspension from the arcade.
  • The use of programmable game controllers and/or automatic firing scripts is prohibited and will result in an immediate suspension from the arcade.
  • The use of an exploit is also considered cheating. Any exploits discovered in any games should be reported to the staff immediately.
Shoutbox Rules
  • Do not use the shoutbox for support, if you are stuck and need detailed help then please use the forums, simple questions will be answered if we spot them otherwise it is important that you use the forums
  • Do not abuse one another, it is meant for friendly light chat, not for shouting and attacking one another
  • Do not SHOUT using capital letters, lower case will do
Signature Rules
  • A user has to be registered for a minimum of three days
  • A signature may only contain one hyperlink
    • The hyperlink can be text based or an image. The image must be a reasonable size. An administrator will determine signatures which are too big and will ask you to update it accordingly.
    • Any link provided in your signature must be to the site that you used when you registered, if your site moves to a new URL you must reflect this in your profile.
    • Links to sites other than your own will be considered a violation of the rules
  • A user has to have a minimum post count of 5 posts
  • Signature links must be 'direct links', no redirects of any sort including but not limited to URL shorteners
  • All links must be to sites that are considered 'socially acceptable' this means they may not link to sites such as but not limited to the following:
    • Adult Related
    • Warez/P2P File-sharing Related
    • Gambling/Alcohol Related
  • Signatures must be a maximum of four lines in length at normal font size
  • Signatures may include text styles such as Bold, Italic and Underlining
  • Signatures are a privilege and as such the privilege may be removed at any time without prior notice
These rules may be amended at any time, it is your responsibility to ensure you stay up to date with the rules.
  • If you have any questions, concerns or problems that you may experience. Please, use the contact us form to bring anything to our attention.
    -Brick (Site Owner)